About ViroGold

ViroGold disinfectant range is made up of a Hypochlorous Acid Solution (HOCL). It is a unique mixture of salt and water and with applying our patented proprietary production process we have created a stabilised pH version unlike any other HOCL on the market, to optimise efficacy.


We deliver the highest quality of stable HOCL which is non-systemic, safe for humans and animals, non-toxic and does not contain any carcinogenic elements.


ViroGold HOCL is pure and stable when stored at room temperature in its original packaging. 

CanbiGold is the holding company for the ViroGold HOCL disinfectant range.

With our headquarters in Cape Town, South Africa we already have an international reach through our subsidiaries and partnerships.

Specialising in the design, modification and manufacturing of hydroponic equipped shipping containers Canbigold is positioned to positively impact the cannabis growing industry. 

Our vision is to bring exceptional health benefits to the global market through our innovative cannabis cultivation systems and products as well as our revolutionary HOCL

(Hypochlorous Acid) product range.

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