Taxi Sanitisation

A novel way to convert a vehicle’s air-conditioning system into a ViroGold HOCL fogging or spraying system, which provides a practical solution to sanitize the air of such a vehicle, by preventing virus droplets and  air distribution in congested areas, with or without a HOCL anti mask spray, with or without a HOCL hand sanitizer and or surface disinfectant.

Using the combined sanitizing of Virogold’s HOCL solutions, in santizing the air in a vehicle, mask spray, hand sanitizer  or surface disinfectant, offers the optimal way to santize the inside of a vehicle carrying commuters from home to work and back.

Set Up Steps

STEP 1: Disconnect water pipes from wiper,

they now no longer work

STEP 2: Remove water then fill up with ViroGold Solution

STEP 3: Drill a 6mm hole into the air box for

a pipe

STEP 4: Inserting 6mm pipe into air box using drilled hole

STEP 5: Push 6mm pipe through the air filter mesh, then connect it to the T-piece

STEP 6: ViroGold spraying through the pipe needs 1 or 2 pin prick holes

STEP 7: Air system switched on, can smell the ViroGold inside the vehicle

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